Phony Celebrities, Hollywood Hypocrisy, and Jamie Brewer

Jamie Brewer
Jamie Brewer

Plastered all over Facebook and talked about in USA Today and PEOPLE today are articles gushing over the news that Jamie Brewer was allowed to walk down the runway during New York Fashion Week. In case you don’t know who she is, Jamie is an actress with Down Syndrome who is most recognized for her roles in the twisted series American Horror Story. Jamie plays two different roles in the series–each season has a different story line but uses many of the same actors for different roles. Jamie’s achievements should certainly be praised, there is no issue with that. I take issue with the people seeking to take photos with her like they are her best friend. I also take issue with the news outlets that typically promote pro-abortion, hedonistic lifestyles who are enjoying the web traffic to their websites for articles showing how much value this young woman is adding to our culture.

You see, so many of these Hollywood types that are patting themselves on the back for being open-minded and tolerant enough to hire someone that has Down Syndrome in an age when female roles are typically dominated by perfect-looking 20-30 year-old. These are often the same people that attack parents who don’t make the “choice” to abort their babies that have the same condition. All too often America’s celebrity-class liberals mock and ridicule the ‘simple minded’ people that would dare have a baby that doesn’t fit what they consider to be the ideal image. To them, a baby that has Down Syndrome is a net negative on society so they think the most reasonable option is to abort the life and try again for a more desirable child. Now, we could go into where the line is drawn for what reasons are appropriate in their eyes to abort babies (are they okay with gender-selective abortions, or, if we eventually have the ability to determine sexual orientation, is it okay to abort a gay baby? After all, according to these people, an unborn baby is not yet an actual human so why does it matter?) but that is for another post entirely.

Jamie Brewer
Jamie Brewer

So here we are now–this woman did a marvelous job acting in what has become a very popular show, Hollywood is making sure everyone knows just how forward-thinking and caring they are. Of course, they are not forward-thinking and caring when babies like Jamie are still in their mother’s womb. They are only forward-thinking and caring when they prove the ability to be popular or make the entertainment establishment money. Then there are the pictures of other celebrities posing with Jamie on the red carpet and one can’t help but get the feeling that these are just the “popular kids” excited to be seen with “outcast” to show how benevolent they are when they wouldn’t actually ever be friends with the “outcast”. I don’t know anyone involved in this situation, I might have some of these people all wrong, I am simply describing what I think this all looks like from the hype all over social media. Perhaps my assessment is too pessimistic, I hope so, but it’s what the constant bombardment of the abortions-on-demand-because-some-babies-are-less-valuable-than-others narrative does to the people who see priceless value in the souls of every baby. There’s a lot of people that already embrace the value of human life, regardless of what condition they might have, regardless of if they make it to a red carpet or make a Hollywood studio millions of dollars.

No doubt, it’s inspiring when someone is able to overcome a disability to prove critics wrong. Jamie is an impressive woman from what I’ve read and she deserves all the attention she’s getting. But I just can’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of hypocrisy when I consider who is giving most of the attention. The optimist in me would like to think that this is one step closer to the pro-abortion, “designer-baby” crowd realizing that life’s beauty (unborn baby) is not in the subjective eye of the beholder (person contemplating abortion) but is instead beautiful and valuable no matter what.


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