A Daily Missal From 1957

I came across The Saint Joseph Daily Missal, published in 1957. I scanned the introductory pamphlet. The entire book is a fantastic resource for learning about every nook and cranny to the pre-conciliar Extraordinary Form of Mass. While this isn’t the actual book itself, you can get an idea how much the Church has changed their wording when describing things surrounding the Mass.



From the inside of the pamphlet above

The Mass re-enacts what took place at the Last Supper and sacramentally renews, in an unbloody manner, the Sacrifice of the Cross on Good Friday.

Why Should We Hear Holy Mass?
The Mass is the best means we have :

  1. To give glory to the  heavenly Father.
  2. To thank Him for all His blessings.
  3. To make reparation for all our sins.
  4. To obtain all the blessings we desire.
  5. To release souls from Purgatory; to shorten our own time there.
  6. To preserve us from all danger to soul and body.
  7. To intercede for us at the Judgement Seat of God
  8. To be consoled at the hour of death, for at that time its memory will be our greatest consolation.
  9. To understand better the sublimity of the Passion of Christ, and to increase our love for Him.
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