Ridiculous Photos of Liturgical Abuse

It seems appropriate to follow the last post with one highlighting extreme cases of liturgical abuse in the Novus Ordo Missae (New Order Mass). While the deterioration of beauty, honor, masculinity, and reverence were definitely not the intent of the changes put forth in the Second Vatican Council, it no doubt opened the floodgates to abuse within the Mass from progressive, relativist 1970’s priests. Without turning this into a full-blown blog post, I’ll get to the silly pictures. Now obviously most parishes (I assume) don’t have such blatant forms of liturgical abuse. But the watering-down of everything in the Holy Sacrifice of Mass leads to this kind of hippy-dippy nonsense (and an exodus from the Church, mind you).


The traditional “Rock ‘n Roll” Mass
It’s a real time-saver when you can combine elementary gym class wish the Eucharistic Prayer.
Taking “street preacher” to a whole new level
Apparently this is an actual “clown Mass”.
Making the Mass girly, part 1
I don’t have a caption for this.
As if a “beach Mass” wasn’t an abuse enough, did they really need to circle their chairs around the altar like a typical modern church? (this is a joke)
I see at least two guitars. Has anyone else noticed there is a direct correlation between number of guitars at Mass and fruitiness of the parish?
This just looks like it’s from the 70’s. Despite only one guitar being spotted, the fruitiness level is off-the-charts!
The mid-consecration Kumbaya singalong is always nice.
There’s so many jokes that I want to make about this photo to overshadow the extreme blasphemy. Since when is Prom held on Sunday anyhow?
I have a feeling there’s like 10 more guitars out of frame on this picture judging by the intense fruitiness here. What is this anyhow?? Not sure if a patio Mass or a beach Mass is more ridiculous.
I mean…who could actually sit through something like this?
Wait until you see the video below. . .
I’m not sure a priest could look any more “schlocky” than this. “Welp, just help yourselves kids. This Eucharistic buffet is good to go”.
Wait for the video. . .
It’s supposed to be unleavened bread. Not wheat toast and Keebler cookies.

10_12_27_Los_Angeles 11_04_02_liturgical_dance

Here’s the video that will make you laugh…before you cry.

I’m sorry for putting you all through that. Joel Osteen might be less heretical than some of the priests pictured above. Here’s some pictures that will help cleanse your palate.


image image6 181a8465first-holy-communion-and-bbq-021-copy-copy IMG_1093


2 thoughts on “Ridiculous Photos of Liturgical Abuse

  1. While I love the Tridentine liturgy, Novus Ordo does not have to be a burlesque of Mass, On EWTN it’s elegant, reverential, and inspiring. They even incorporate some Latin.


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