MSNBC Planned Parenthood Interview Backfires

In an attempt to draw outrage towards Center for Medical Progress, the pro-life group that made the undercover Planned Parenthood videos, MSNBC interviewed the mother of the 19-week stillborn son whose picture was used by CMP in one of their videos. Pro-abortion groups are claiming that the purpose of using this picture was to purposely mislead people into thinking that it was the image of an aborted baby when the purpose was just to show how well-formed a baby in the second trimester is. The interviewer asked questions trying to get the mother to say she was outraged and felt taken advantage of by CMP (spoiler alert: she wasn’t).

When Lexi first answers, “well my husband and I are extremely pro-life…”, the host surprisingly didn’t frantically cut to commercial break. Lexi kept talking…what ensued was a powerful message about precious life that the MSNBC audience doesn’t normally get to hear unfiltered. Also, it’s just hilarious to see happen.

H/T Joan Desmond, NCR