‘The Drop Box’ Shows Superhuman Fatherly Love

Netflix just added The Drop Box and everyone should see it. This documentary features protestant minister Lee Jong-rak and his wife at his church called Jusarang (“God’s Love”) in South Korea. After having a son with severe disabilities and having to sell their home to pay the medical bills, Lee and his wife began making it their mission to take care of other children that society deemed unnecessary in a country that has high rates of abandonment, often ending in death. People began leaving babies at the front of Jusarang (also their home) and the couple would care for them–some with mental or physical disabilities, some not. Because some children would be left in the cold, he created a “drop box” that people could safely place their baby in. Sometimes it would be an injured child or, in one case shown, it was a baby just an hour old still with blood and an umbilical cord attached. He said he has cut so many umbilical cords he can’t keep count anymore.

The love that is displayed for these children can only be described as Christ-like. Taking care of your own child with a disability is very hard and takes extreme patience and sacrifice–how many people could do that for a stranger’s child? Lee and his wife feed, clothe, and care for all the children. Some stay with them for a long time, some get adopted. Their house has become a sort of large family. They giggle, play, and roughhouse with their “siblings” there. They are given a joyful life. They call Lee “papa”. They are kept warm. They are healthy. They are happy. They are raised in a prayerful and grateful Christian household. They have real futures.

Though my father and mother forsake me,
    the Lord will receive me.

-Ps 27:10

His and his wife’s story is an amazing display of God’s love working through people. There’s sad moments in the film but they are balanced out by tearful joy the viewer feels thanks to the redemptive power of the love this couple shows for every single child that is placed at their doorstep. In fact, it’s so moving that the director of this film was moved to conversion after making the movie (link below). Check out the trailer above for an idea of what it’s like.

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