Charlie Sheen and the Embrace of Disorder

To Americans that don’t live under a rock, Charlie Sheen doesn’t need an introduction. Mr. Sheen was the “tiger blood”-fueled immortal that couldn’t stop #winning even if he tried. He raked in millions from the hit TV show Two and a Half Men, he dated porn stars, slept with anyone he wanted, had an appetite for cocaine, and generally did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He simply operated on a different level than most of us normal humans. At least that’s what he wanted to believe.

I don’t know all the details of the story so I won’t attempt to speculate but when I first read that Sheen was diagnosed with HIV, it didn’t seem so shocking. In fact, I’ll bet it wasn’t terribly shocking for most people when they heard the news. Why?

Well, probably because he lived a disordered life publicly. The news of him being HIV-positive surely is an outcome of despair for both him and those who love him (not to mention the many women he slept with). Despair (or sadness, hardship, devastating outcomes, etc) follows disordered choices. The Church calls disordered choices sins. Jesus, and basic logic, tells us that if you avoid sin, you will avoid self-inflicted despair both on Earth and beyond. Now, of course none of us are able to avoid sin but there’s a difference in being a sinner (making occasional disordered, selfish choices) and embracing a lifestyle of complete disorder as Charlie seemingly did. Disorder catches up to everyone somehow.

Obviously I don’t actually know Sheen or what is in his heart, but we know the life choices he openly bragged about. With sexual promiscuity (particularly rampant in this situation) comes a higher risk of certain bodily hardships or outcomes (despair). HIV in this case. This isn’t to say that earthly despair will follow every disordered choice. For instance, a man may very well be able to fornicate with many women until the day he dies without experiencing STDs, a broken heart, or other possible hardships that arise from this lifestyle (not taking into account any despair left in the hearts, minds, or bodies of the women used). But this doesn’t mean the man is off the hook because while his earthly/bodily life may have not been affected the disordered lifestyle must somehow balance back out in the universe (think of the immaterial universe as a delicate ecosystem). Like the laws of entropy or gravity will in the end never be circumvented, neither will the Natural Laws of the universe. Morally disordered actions always effect souls which must be reconciled (whether on our terms in the confessional or God’s elsewhere) to bring back harmony, balance, and justice to the immaterial universe.

Luckily Charlie still likely has plenty of time on Earth to change his direction. If it’s true that God never gives us more than we can handle, perhaps this can serve as an important turning point in his life and he can make this a story of triumph (aka #winning) by reconciling his disordered choices on his own terms through the mercy of the Lord.

Please join me in asking for the intercession of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, that Charlie Sheen find Christ in his life, leading to a conversion of intellect and heart.

St. Aloysius Gonzaga | Wikipedia