Bad Ass Nuns Pose as Prostitutes, Infiltrate Brothels to Save Children

I can see the high-budget action scene now: A sweaty man with a 5 o’clock shadow and loosened tie approaches a pretty woman keeping to herself in a dimly lit brothel, “how much for an hour?” whispers the married man into her ear. “NUN OF YOUR BUSINESS” Sister Maria shouts right before delivering a series of Jackie Chan-style martial arts blows sending the John flying across the room as she cartwheels out of the window and into her idling Aston Martin. As she peels out, a dozen elite spec. ops sisters in black tactical gear rappel from high interior rafters to swoop up children just moments from being sold off to the highest bidder.

Perhaps that scene would be taking some pretty extreme creative liberties, but this real life story could still be made into a movie nonetheless. According the Huffington Post and the Thomas Reuters Foundation, there is an “army” of nuns that are posing as prostitutes to “infiltrate” brothels in attempt to save children before they are sold into slavery. This operation of women religious has now expanded to 140 countries.

Quoting parts from the hardcore Huffington Post story (some details are difficult to read):

An army of religious sisters who rescue victims of human trafficking by posing as prostitutes to infiltrate brothels and buying children being sold into slavery, is expanding to 140 countries, its chairman said on Wednesday.

John Studzinski, an investment banker and philanthropist who chairs Talitha Kum, said the network of 1,100 sisters currently operates in about 80 countries but the demand for efforts to combat trafficking and slavery was rising globally.

“I’m not trying to be sensational but I’m trying to underscore the fact this is a world that has lost innocence … where dark forces are active,” said Studzinski, a vice chairman of U.S. investment bank The Blackstone Group.

He told of one woman enslaved as a prostitute who was locked up for a week without food, forced to eat own her faeces, when she failed to have sex with a target of 12 clients a day.

In another extreme case, one woman was forced to have sex with a group of 10 men at the same time.

Studzinski said the religious sisters working to combat trafficking would go to all lengths to rescue women, often dressing up as prostitutes and going out on the street to integrate themselves into brothels.

“They work in brothels. No one knows they are there.”

The sisters were also proactive on trying to save children being sold into slavery by their parents, setting up a network of homes in Africa as well as in the Philippines, Brazil and India to shelter such children.

He said the religious sisters of Talitha Kum raised money to purchase these children.

“This is a new network of houses for children around the world who would otherwise be sold into slavery. It is shocking but it is real,” he said.

Nuns are profoundly wonderful and amazing. They do so many good works that most people either don’t or couldn’t do. Pray for increased vocations!

St. Nicholas of Myra, as the patron of prostitutes and trafficked people, please pray for the women risking their lives, that they stay safe on their noble endeavor to free children from evil. Also intercede for the children who find themselves in these awful situations, that they may be delivered from evil and find love and joy in their own lives by the grace of God.

Elite Spec. Ops Sister Maria Penale | Daily Beast

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