Photos: Archbishop of MKE Presides at Extraordinary Form Confirmation Mass

Archbishop Jerome Listecki was at St. Stanislaus parish to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Extraordinary Form. This is a big deal because it seems like many bishops tend to avoid the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) if it’s something they either are not familiar with or, like in the case of Archbishop Cupich in Chicago, openly disdain.

To my knowledge, the Archbishop is not trained in the Extraordinary Form and I have not heard of him being part of other TLMs. The archbishop could have easily avoided presiding at this 10am High Mass for one of the many other Masses in the diocese that day but he didn’t. St. Stanislaus is the only place in Milwaukee that offers the TLM so it was quite the statement that he was there. It’s refreshing to see a bishop that is embracing this ‘renaissance’ of Catholicism. The archbishop should be applauded for presiding at this Confirmation and being part of this Mass. Hopefully he will continue to draw attention to St. Stanislaus and other parishes that embrace a traditional liturgy by providing the simple witness of being there.

First is a brief video during the Salve Regina. Note: if you are viewing in email, video will not display unless you view post on the site.

**Click “HD” in bottom right of player for a good quality image**

All of the photos are from the St. Stanislaus Facebook Page:

There was a comment from a man who attended this Confirmation Mass and was struck by the beauty and reverence of the Extraordinary Form. It goes to show that people are moved by the beauty of a properly God-oriented Mass rather than an all-too-typical, going-through-the-motions, person-oriented, watered down Mass found in too many parishes today.



2 thoughts on “Photos: Archbishop of MKE Presides at Extraordinary Form Confirmation Mass

  1. What a beautiful church, and how refreshing to see Bishop and Priests wearing cassocks and birettae….ie…dressing as Catholic Priests! Funny how beautiful liturgy is often celebrated in beautiful Churches, and liberal/progressive liturgy is typically celebrated in modern protestant-resembling buildings


    • Indeed, rarely, if ever, will you find a comment like the one above from someone ‘moved’ after attending a speedy Mass in a round 1970’s church with guitar and drum music. We want our Liturgy, music, vestments, prayer, and vestments focused on the Heavens! Thanks for commenting!


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