CDC: Women Must Use Contraception to Enjoy Alcohol

Money is coming out of your paychecks to pay for the Centers for Disease Control to lecture women that if they don’t use contraception they shouldn’t even think about having a sip of alcohol.

A perfect synopsis on the typical progressive Millennial

This release from the CDC further normalizes the idea that women should, by default, be on some form of artificial contraception or they are being reckless and unhealthy. The ideological submersion that women, especially Millennial women, are faced with is that every normal person uses artificial birth control. And now, the mantra is becoming: if you want to enjoy things like alcohol, you need to use birth control. It’s becoming a form of physical and ideological puritanism actually.

Since it is considered judgmental to say any activity is unhealthy, we just try to mask the outcomes of poor decisions like promiscuous sex and binge drinking. This is the new normal.

To suggest that a woman is not responsible enough to be able to drink alcohol because there’s a chance she might get pregnant is pregnant without knowing should be utterly offensive to women. Likely, the people lecturing women are the same that beat the drum of sexism over the most eye-roll-worthy “micro-aggressions” too. Same is the progressive army of those who want the government out of the bedroom. But isn’t that was this is? Not only do I want the government out of my bedroom, I want them out of my bar.

The CDC’s release also comes with an alcohol and pregnancy infographic where it says risks of drinking are STDs and pregnancy…HAH! No; one is a consequence of promiscuity an the other is the natural outcome of sex. Our tax money is literally being used to suggest that all sexual behavior is perfectly acceptable and the risks are only introduced when alcohol is involved (pregnant or not). Talk sending our youth confusing messages.

Of course alcohol can be harmful to children in the womb, we all know this. But the focus shouldn’t be on how can we avoid pregnancy so people can continue leading lives without moral boundaries. The focus should be on encouraging people to view sex as sacred and babies as the natural (and joyous) outcome of sex. When people respect pregnancy, they will take it upon themselves to drink responsibly and to avoid alcohol if they think a pregnancy might be involved.

“Those who use artificial birth control believe neither in ‘birth’ nor ‘control”



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