New Site: LocaLitany, Your Key to the Kingdom

Wouldn’t it be cool to see a map of Catholic-owned businesses nearby? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to know that the money you just spent on that bucket of wings and Fat Tire won’t be donated to a cause contrary to your values? Wouldn’t it be nice to support the family of nearby tradesmen by employing their much needed services? Wouldn’t it be helpful for your business or organization to be seen by prospective customers who appreciate the virtues you put into practice in the community?

That’s what our new website––is trying to accomplish.


The goal of LocaLitany is to make tangible the invisible sanctus mercatus (virtuous marketplace) that surrounds us. Whether at home or traveling, we want LocaLitany to be the place people turn to find Catholic-run organizations, businesses, tradespeople, or churches nearby. This is helpful in a number of ways, it:

  • supports local Catholic-owned businesses, their families and their employees
  • provides peace of mind knowing your money is less likely to be used for causes contrary to your beliefs
  • helps you get to know your community better
  • provides parish information such as Mass, confession, and adoration times
  • allows you to list and promote your business, organization, or profession to people who appreciate your virtue in the community

The site is still in its infancy. There’s images that need tweaking, there’s parameters and structures that need adjusting, there’s even some functions that need debugging, but with the framework in place, I would love a handful of people to begin using it in its beta stage. For a limited time, we’ll have open registration on the site. While anyone can view the site for their own information, only registered users are able to post locations. We made it as easy as possible for people to register, it just takes a few seconds. Most importantly, it’s 100% free to register and post as many locations as you’d like! Registration will remain open unless some problem arises that requires us to pause the use of the site while we fix it. I need you all, the people who use the site (registered or not), to tell me what needs to be fixed and ideas of how it could work better. I will keep a Beta Mode Info page on the site that will keep users updated on things that we’re working on.

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Please connect with us on social media. Even though there’s not much there yet, we plan on it being active soon! | @localitany on Twitter & Instagram

Faithful Catholics dotting our respective neighborhoods, communities, and countries make up the Kingdom on earth. While Pope Francis might hold the official keys to the Kingdom, LocaLitany acts as your very own Key to the Kingdom!, YOUR KEY TO THE KINGOM