Trump v. Chris Matthews: A Clueless Discussion on Abortion & The Church

If someone were to ask me who the two biggest buffoons on TV were, I’d likely answer Donald Trump and Chris Matthews. So it was really something special (Trump voice) to see the the two blowhards go back and forth at a town hall event in Green Bay. I have argued for months that Trump is completely unprincipled and will simply say or do anything to reach the White House (in a sense he’s more of a politician than any current politician). Sure, he might say some things that sound agreeable to political conservatives, but it’s obvious he has no clue why he actually has the position. Chris Matthews, while no doubt knowledgeable, has become a grouchy liberal blowhard, championing some of the most ridiculous left-wing sentiments on MSNBC.

There was one segment in particular that seemed to highlight the worst these two men have to offer though. Both men speak about something they have no clue on: Trump on being pro-life and Matthews on what it means to be a Catholic American. A young woman asks Donald, “I have a question on…what is your stance on woman rights, and their right to choose, and their own reproductive health”. I mean, I guess that’s a question.

Now Trump hates these questions for a number of reasons. First, he likely doesn’t believe what he’s saying. Second, he seemingly has no depth of any knowledge on the positions he touts. And third, his bread and butter is immigration and the economy, not pesky social issues. Matching the poorly thought-out question, he tries to get by with a brief clumsy answer, “I’m…as you know…I’m pro-life…uh…with exceptions…with the three exceptions. Pretty much that’s my stance. Is that okay, do you understand?” What an eloquent testament for life.

Hey, I can’t see real good, is that Pope Frank over there?

Sensing blood in the water (the water here being a college campus, MSNBC audience), Matthews pushes him by asking what exactly the law should be. But of course the only detailed answers Mr. Trump ever seems to have are his daily poll numbers and who is saying what about him on Twitter. You can see the gears moving behind his orange face as he tries to buy time.

Trump Pisses Off Everyone

Trump fumbles more when Matthews presses further asking just what being pro-life means to Mr. Trump, asking if there should be a punishment to women who get an abortion. After trying his hardest to dodge the question, Trump eventually says that there should be some sort of punishment for women. This has created a firestorm from both sides of the abortion debate. This was the ultimate “gotchya” moment for the pro-abortion, political left: “See, the Republicans want uniquely punitive measures for women!” It’s safe to say that this line will be used in campaign ads.

The pro-life movement, which has gained a ton of traction in the past decade, is upset because they recognize they have just been set back by Trump’s thoughtless comments. Most pro-lifers will say that their goal is not to punish a woman who is obviously going through a very difficult time. If the operation were to be banned, their position typically is that “doctors” who preform abortions would be subject to punishment under the law. At the same time it would be society’s responsibility to offer the support a mother needs as she goes through this difficult time.

Matthews “Respects” The Moral Authority of The Catholic Church

But then The Donald attempted to turn the tables on Chris, asking what his stance is on the subject, wondering if he knows the stance his Church has on the subject.

From there we see two frauds talking about something they don’t really know anything about. Chris says that he accepts his Church’s “moral authority” but that, unlike Spain, the Church does not run the state, implying that his being “pro-choice” in a political sense can be easily reconciled with him thinking the Church is right on abortion being morally wrong. Just like I personally am for stealing from people, but I recognize the Church’s authority to tell me it’s wrong (eye roll). Matthews further adds a memorized bit of scripture, Mark 12:17, as if it somehow backs his position up: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

Be warned: hearing the two go back and forth on topics clearly neither of them understand will induce laughter, and possibly weeping.

Fearing that this video might display true microcosms of the current voter bases in this country, please excuse me as I bury my face back in my palms over what a complete disaster this presidential race has become.


3 thoughts on “Trump v. Chris Matthews: A Clueless Discussion on Abortion & The Church

  1. I’m not religious, so I’ll say this more or less tongue in cheek: I hope to god this guy never gets close enough to the White House to actually have anything to do with the laws in this country. It’s bad enough that he’s an opportunistic, selfish, ego-centric misogynist and can avail himself of the freedom of speech to spew his offensive diatribes. On a personal not, speaking strictly as a woman who has never had an abortion, I find it absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable that this subject is even still being debated – especially and unbelievably by MEN, who don’t even have the equipment that would give them a valid stake in the conversation!


    • Thank you for commenting!

      Why are men unable to discuss the subject? I think the difference in opinion here stems from the fact that you (likely) assume there’s no clearly injured third party in the procurement of an abortion. If this was a woman getting a tumor removed (an actual ‘blob of cells’) your point would be entirely valid and I’d be just as outraged as you. However, people that are pro-life (which doesn’t include Mr. Trump) realize that a human life is being lost (and more often than not it’s a female life, if we are concerned about sexes here). The concern isn’t over a woman’s ability to do what she wants with her body, the concern is over the other body involved, that of the most vulnerable and voiceless people among us.

      Thanks again.


      • I completely understand the ethical implications – and I think abortion is only one of the hot button topics that will probably never have a resolution because of an ethical conundrum. I also realize that a man can, under certain circumstances, feel “injured” by not being consulted if a woman decides to terminate a pregnancy. I count myself as lucky never to have been in such a situation, but I believe not only that people rather unfairly label themselves as “pro-life” when, in actual reality, they are merely anti-abortion – and adding insult to injury, by definition assume that people who are pro-choice must be anti-life. For me, personally, it boils down to pitting the rights of the woman who is already a full formed human being against what is, until a certain point, not a viable life outside of her body. But, more than anything else, I will tell you honestly that my biggest issue with anti-abortionists is that there is seemingly no concern (a) for the quality of life (in essence, my understanding is that their argument lobbies for valuing the right to life above all else) and, (b) no real solutions to the problems that lead to abortions in the first place. Many people who are against abortion are also against contraceptives and sex ed – which, to me, is like a circular argument. Thank you for giving me a chance to voice my opinion, for being fair and polite with your response. I appreciate it.


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