Nuns Surprised with Big Donations on ‘The View’

While The View typically serves as a school of ignorant popular thought, they recently aired a noteworthy segment. The daytime show hosted the Order of Franciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart of Mary which is one of the few traditionally black religious orders in the country. This order of impressive women is stationed in Harlem and does powerful work evangelizing the downtrodden and feeding the poor among many other things. These heroic women (along with nuns across the world) are fighting on the front lines against despair in ways we could never imagine. Nuns in the trenches of society, doing the necessary dirty work of the Church, are too easily forgotten about by even Catholics. So it’s refreshing when women like this catch a break.

Whoopi Goldberg surprises these joyful sisters with $10,000, a brand new Toyota Sienna (to transport food to their food pantry), and a year’s worth of fuel. The jubilation shown by the women makes it hard not to smile because they are not excited for themselves, they are excited for the people they will be able to help. In an era when celebrities accumulate the value of this one-time prize in minutes to spend on themselves, there is a palpable feeling of satisfaction seeing a cause so worthy being acknowledged.


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