Pope Francis Visits the Disabled

The Holy Father put his Gospel message on full display last Friday when he visited a home just outside of Rome which cares for those with “severe mental disabilities”. The time he spent with them, including lunch, is touching. L’Arche Center strives to uphold the dignity of those it serves and combats, as the pontiff often describes, the “throwaway culture” of society.

There’s few things more beautiful about Pope Francis than his care for those most in need. God bless the Pope.

From Edward Pentin at the Register:

Pope Francis’ much loved human touch was on display on Friday when he made a surprise visit to a community in Italy which houses and cares for persons who have severe mental disabilities.

CNA provided the above video of the visit which was part of the Pope’s “Mercy Friday” initiative, in which he carries out one act of mercy a month on a Friday throughout the Jubilee of Mercy.

The Holy Father sat at table and ate with the volunteers and the disabled, and listened to their testimonies.


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