VIDEO: Jim Gaffigan Discusses Catholicism with Bill Maher on HBO

Jim Gaffigan is a rare species. He’s a celebrity, liked by mainstream popular culture, and is an openly practicing Catholic. Jim is a talented comic who isn’t afraid to talk about the faith that anchors his life with his wife and five children. Despite his humor being family friendly, it doesn’t strike one as being prude or cheesy–he is a classical comic in that he can make everyone laugh.


Bill Maher recently invited Jim to be a guest on his show Real Time. Bill is unapologetically atheist and anti-religion. While his show typically deals with politics, he certainly finds time to ridicule the Church. At the same time, he often gets into the mud with less thoughtful liberal guests who blindly and unfairly attack Christianity.

I admit that I find Maher’s HBO show entertaining, intelligent (usually), fair, and humorous. Maher does a good job inviting guests of different backgrounds on his show, engaging them in provocative, yet friendly, debates.

Below is a clip of Gaffigan’s appearance where Bill mentions his Catholicism, joking that, while they’re both comics, they are almost completely different from one another; that they “cancel each other out” on earth. Jim doesn’t have too much time to make his case for Catholicism as I’m sure he would have liked, but it’s fun to see nonetheless. I also laughed out loud at him correcting Bill about “opening for the pope”, saying that actually he opened for the Pope-mobile and that it’s actually the second time he opened for a car.

For a more serious debate on Christianity on Real Time, check out the video below featuring Russ Douthat of the New York Times. If you’re not already familiar with Mr. Douthat, he is a witty, intelligent, funny, and a faithful Roman Catholic.

Follow Russ Douthat on Twitter for frequent thoughts and quips on politics, Catholicism, and popular culture: @DouthatNYT


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