Sean Hannity, Cafeteria Catholic?

There is a growing segment of conservative voters whose support [of Christian living and policy] is simply lip service inasmuch as Christianity fits into the parameters of their coveted political orthodoxy. So to say, these people appreciate the parts of Christianity that line up with their already-set political ideology rather than the other way around.
The Saints’ Pub

Matt Walsh recently tweeted something Sean Hannity said about the Catholic Church (of which Sean is a part of) that has been widely circulated among Catholics (and protestants).

“I don’t go to church as much as I should, and I hate the Catholic church I was raised in because of what they did and how corrupt they became.” It can be debated what exactly is meant by that: was Sean talking about the entire Roman Catholic Church or just the people running the Church in America during the decades he grew up. Nearly every Catholic can agree that we truly despise the grave sins and corruption of so many deplorable Church leaders both past and present. Normally one would be given the benefit of the doubt however Sean is known to publicly battle the Church on many issues leading people to believe he, at worst, really does hate the Church or, at best, is a misinformed ‘cafeteria Catholic’. Sean has used his very public platform to say highly uncharitable and even hostile things about the pope (note: this is different than being critical) and he is known to regularly speak about how he is at odds with the Catholic teaching on artificial birth control. Watch the video below of him childishly arguing with a priest over birth control before engaging in ad hominem attacks and telling the man that he should be more concerned with the Church’s sex scandal of the past than judging him. Kudos to Rev. Thomas Euteneuer to standing up to Sean.


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