Election 2016 and the Inability to Control Appetites

It is notable the large role uncontrolled sexual behavior has played in this election. While Secretary Clinton’s apparent desires doesn’t seem to be for sex, it seems she lusts for money and power. These longings probably lead to her seeming passivity towards her husband’s gross infractions which range from infidelity all the way to accusations of literal rape.

Disordered understandings of sexual nature lead to bad action. These bad actions damage not only the soul but also the body, mind, and lives of the bad actors (along with those around them). This is what happens when people attempt to break the natural law that permeates the space-time of our universe. We don’t break these moral laws, we break ourselves against them.

That’s why it’s amazing to see people who likely have impressive control over most aspects of life–leading to positions such as President of the United States for example–have such an inability to control certain other desires. Seeing people with so much to lose, people who have the abilityto do so much good in their position, risk everything on satisfying temporal sexual pleasure shows the strength of man’s fallen nature. With the expanding embrace of moral relativism and, more specifically, the anything-goes, judge-not attitudes towards sexual activities.

Last weekend we were reminded of how someone in the powerful, influential, and prominent position of Hillary Clinton can be brought down by the inability to control one’s passions. This time it was the husband of her longtime aide and friend Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner. His inability to be faithful to his wife, or just stop sending Weiner pix (hey, that’s his name!) to women has the potential of bringing down a presidential candidate.


Since the ‘sexual revolution’, the West has been spoon-fed a lie: That fulfilling any sexual wishes “liberates” the individual. But it would seem those who seek liberation through these pleasures are always end up slaves to their passions and ultimately broken by their choices. If only we had a way of knowing this…oh, look, the Roman Catholic Church has a blueprint already:

…self-denial, sound judgment, and self-mastery – the preconditions of all true freedom.
-CCC 2223

Of course none of this will ever become a learning opportunity to discuss on mainstream platforms. People will continue behaving–and ruining lives–like this with the blessing of popular culture. That is, until it’s exciting (and profitable) to make scandal out of it.☩

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