New: Birth Control for Men!

Proving again that birth control is neither about birth nor control, CBS is reporting that there’s been an effective form of temporary sterilization for men created. The hormone cocktail comes in the form of an injected shot which works to drastically kill a man’s sperm count. There’s no catch…well, other than the horrible side effects. Here’s some tidbits from their report:

The injections work by using hormones to drastically lower sperm count. Of the 266 married men who participated in the study, only 4 became fathers.

I like how they specify married men. Since when do we care if people are married or not? Did they only sample married men or did they just not want to say that the study included both married and non-married men and the number of children that will be born into broken households? [Update: it appears 320 total men participated]

Another concern are the side effects. Researchers actually stopped the study early due to mood changes and depression in some of the participants. Researchers say other side effects were acne, injection site pain, and increased libido.

This is what all millennial men look like FYI.

As is known by doctors and women already, the artificial tampering of human fertility has unintended and unnatural side effects. This is another example of how the unnatural introduction of hormones into a healthy body throws off the mental and physical balance just as a foreign species can disrupt a fragile ecosystem.

It’s time we send these men and (especially) women a different message, one that doesn’t tell them they need to suppress the most powerful ends of their body in order to appear desirable to the opposite sex. How grim a view we seem to have of our bodies now, that some are willing to take on the despair of depression, physical pain, and the frustration of acne just so they can have lifeless sex.☩


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