Trump Wins the Catholic Vote

In contrast to Catholics favoring Obama over Romney in 2012 (50%-48%), Republican candidate Donald Trump has flipped the tables by beating Hillary Clinton with the Catholic vote by seven points (52%-45%). Here is the information we have from the New York Times’ exit polling:


(Update) Here is pew’s breakdown by race:


The polling also shows that those who attend religious services once a week or more break more favorably towards president-elect Trump than those who attend less. It would be useful to see how this applies strictly to Mass-going Catholics verses CINOs.

Who knows what caused this change among Catholic voters. Perhaps people were turned off by WikiLeaks revealing what Hillary’s campaign said about Catholics or maybe Catholic Vote’s anti-Hillary election ads struck a chord in swing states. Maybe it’s just that there’s fewer Catholics than four years ago after the American Church shed some CINOs. ☩



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