Trump’s Huge Win

Despite being told he couldn’t from the moment he entered the race, Trump cleared every hurdle and doubt placed in front of him. His message to the Americans “forgotten about” rightfully resonated. People are sick of every interest group and foreign group being put in front of the concerns of everyday Americans who just want to have families and live without Washington belittling, mocking, and using them.


It’s not only the Democrats that have been defeated but also the establishment GOP. The establishment GOP is dead. Elitists on both sides of the aisle have forgotten about Americans for too long. Political correctness, secular orthodoxy, and political careers have infested our capital and Trump’s call to “drain the swamp” is something many people found very attractive.

The big losers of the night were President Obama (because of the violent repudiation of his tenure as president), the establishment political parties, and the media. The big winners are those who care about the Supreme Court not becoming more activist and those whom Washington has essentially “forgotten” about.

While it’s argued (even by me) that Trump is rather unprincipled, he won by running a race based on putting the country he wishes to lead first and unapologetic conservative principles in a way that most modern Republicans are too scared to do. This is how so many people looked past his openly and proudly immoral past. Who cares how he lives as long as he wants to protect how they (social conservatives, Christians, etc) live is the thought.

However, it cannot be understated how bad of a candidate Hillary was. Trump’s popular vote is less that both McCain’s and Romney’s totals in their losses against Obama. This means no one wanted to vote for Hillary.

Also, it’s not smooth sailing now. There is work cut out for us with the president-elect as he is no doubt flawed. We need to pray for him. It is however comforting seeing the people he is surrounding himself with including his partner Mike Pence who is a very principled and Christian conservative.

Congratulations to Mr. Trump doing the impossible. May God guide him as he leads our nation. I’m sure there will be plenty more to discuss in the coming months. ☩



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