Side Effects of IVF Come to Light


The Sydney Morning Herald has an article stating that IVF treatments are producing “generations of infertile children” who are also more prone to cancer.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of those things assumed by almost all areas of culture to be a common good. After all, it helps people who bear the painful cross of infertility create children to love. This article, however, isn’t talking about couples who are infertile, it’s talking about victims of a culture that encourages us to wait as long as possible to get married, have kids, or not do either. To the people who are incapable of conceiving, my heart goes out to them wholly.

The Catholic Church is often ridiculed for their stance against IVF. To those who don’t understand its position it may seem inconsistent with the Church’s focus on the family and ‘fruitfulness’, especially if it’s assumed there are no medical side effects to the procedure. However, as is proven often, the more humans attempt to tamper with their own biology, the higher likelihood for a disordered outcome. Evidence of physical and mental problems from artificial birth control have already mounted and now we see similar revelations coming from artificial means of conception.

Quoting from the article (emphasis mine):

IVF is producing a new generation of infertile Australian children who will require expensive medical treatment to produce their own offspring, says University of Newcastle laureate professor John Aitken.

He also warned of ongoing health problems with IVF children, suggesting that male children of ageing fathers who used assisted pregnancy procedures were prone to cancer.


…one in every 25 Australian children are now born as a result of IVF.

A decade ago it was one in 35 births…Australia was well on the way to replicating the Danish experience where one in 15 children were IVF babies.

“…We are taking recourse to IVF in increasing numbers and the thing we have to remember as a society is that the more you use assisted conception in one generation, the more you’re going to need it in the next.”


Growing affluence across the world has resulted in fertility rates plummeting over the last century and many societies are going backwards in terms of fertility rates.

He said women were at their most fertile around 19 or 20 but Australian society’s growing affluence had made many put off having children in the belief that they could use IVF.

“We cannot change their fundamental biology,” Prof Aitken said.

“The average age of women in IVF is 36/7 years. If you’re contemplating a family when you’re close to the edge, IVF cannot fix you up. IVF live birth rates decline from 35 to 42 exactly the same way in naturally conceived population.

“The unfortunate thing is that the biology doesn’t understand that narrative.”

Of course it would be judgmental and politically incorrect to suggest to women that (and men) that if they wish to start a family, they should have marriage on their mind while in college rather than putting it off until life isn’t as fun anymore. The irony must also be pointed out that liberals like to accuse the Church as being “against science” when they regularly argue against basic biological common sense.

Get married and have kids! Don’t put it off!

We don’t break the laws of nature, we break ourselves against them. ☩


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