Do Children Know More About Santa than Jesus?

Based purely on personal observation, the vast majority of Millennial parents who celebrate Christmas make sure their kids know everything there is to know about Santa Claus–what he looks like, wears, what make he thinks is good (and bad), the people around him, songs about him, etc–while almost never mentioning (if at all) Christ’s role in Christmas.

The fact that “Jesus” is often a foreign word on the tongue of a toddler but “Santa” is often a staple word in the lexicon of a two-year old is sad. The reason is because “Jesus” is a foreign word to most parents.

Santa Claus is great and fun tradition. But when he is divorced from the true nature of Christmas and, thus, removed from his roots as Saint Nicholas, Millennial parents are raising a new generation of shallow-minded consumerists.

Have fun with Santa, Rudolph, Mrs. Claus, and all the elves, but make sure your kids hear you talking about Jesus more than you talk about Santa. After all, Christmas is celebrating the most monumental day in the history of the planet…the day God took on a physical form on Earth and became man. ☩

St. Nicholas, ora pro nobis!

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