Restaurant Patron Complains About ‘Religious’ Christmas Music

In what appears to be a backlash to popular media thought in recent years, it seems like companies and pop culture has kinda moved back to not being terrified of the word “Christmas” or showing Nativity scenes during Advent.

One small personal example: Last year I remember sending a photo to friends of a sign at Home Depot saying “holiday trees”. The pathetic and transparent attempt to suppress the obvious connection to Christmas made us laugh. But this year at Home Depot the word Christmas was plastered everywhere, including on the signs for the trees! It’s likely many companies realized they took the political correctness too far. I think many companies and media executives know that people crave a more authentic Christmas experience and not a watered down secular shadow of it. Well, most people at least…

Here’s a story about a schmuck who actually complained to a restaurant because the Christmas music they were playing was too “religious”. He wrote on the back of his check that perhaps, if they were going to play Christmas music, it should be more generically holiday themed. He said he was offended by the music in fact!


The chef at Michael’s Tasting Room posted the photo on Facebook (above). It should also be hilariously pointed out that the restaurant is located in St. Augustine, Florida. Is this patron going to write the state, complaining about the religious-themed city he was dining in?

I get that some people want to celebrate the secular version of Christmas only. It’s obviously an enjoyable season even for pagans. But I find the season so desperately lacking for these people. Many parents are teaching their kids more about Elf on a Shelf than Advent. Children know more about Santa than Jesus. What do the parents tell their children when they one day ask “why do we celebrate Christmas, though?”. Don’t people want more in their lives? Don’t people feel silly doing things just for the sake of doing them? Don’t people want depth in their lives?

Let’s keep in our prayers the people who are distant from the meaning of Christmas. ☩

‎”The Western world has been attempting to preserve the fruits of Christianity after having surrendered the roots.”
-Bl. Fulton Sheen



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