Bishop Barron’s recent YouTube interview

Bishop Robert Barron, best known for his social media influence and Catholicism series, sat down for an extended interview with a YouTuber known as The Rubin Report. I had never heard of this YouTube station before but a simple glance of it shows that the gentleman seems to interview a wide range of people from all backgrounds and ideologies geared at displaying unique perspectives of others.

In the interview, Dave Rubin asks the bishop about a wide range of questions that I’d imagine most non-Catholics (and even many actual Catholics) have but would never have the opportunity or courage to ask someone able to properly answer. For anyone not familiar with Bishop Barron, he is philosophy scholar and well versed in metaphysics. He was a professor at Mundelein for years (along with Scott Hahn) before moving to Los Angeles recently. His intellectual musings have always struck a chord with me, especially since I came to the faith through my intellect rather than my heart. This, too, is how Bishop Barron describes his transformation into a serious candidate for the priesthood during the first part of this interview: “the fire going from the head to the heart”. Once he laid out the groundwork for how rational it is for there to be a God (the incontingent reason behind the contingent universe as he puts it), mainly through Aquinas’ theory of causation, the rest followed for him. Beyond him discussing how he came to God, the two discuss topics such as the priest sex scandal, abortion, pornography, and more.

Some have given him flak for his perceived soft answer on the legality of same-sex marriage in the United States. I disagree with how many of his detractors are portraying it, especially since he followed up with a post on his website making clear what he meant. Anyway, here’s the videos. Share with people you think would find them interesting.

I think the Church would be well suited if more priests and laypeople were able to articulate arguments as thoroughly and as joyfully as Bishop Barron. ☩

One thought on “Bishop Barron’s recent YouTube interview

  1. Watched both YouTube videos when they were posted on the Catholicism Reddit. Bishop Barron represented the Faith well (especially with his clarification of some of his points on his own web site) and Rubin was very respectful in his dialogue. Great to see stuff like this that doesn’t devolve into petty name calling or insults.


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