Olivia Wilde in Short Film for World Down Syndrome Day

captureWhen I first saw this video, I assumed it was a trailer for a new movie Olivia Wilde was starring in about a girl with Down Syndrome. If that had been the case my eye rolling would have been entirely justified–using an attractive Hollywood A-lister to make millions of dollars by using down syndrome. But when I got to the end of the [very] short film, I realized that’s not what it was and I found the message to be rather touching. I probably should have read the caption before watching it!

Actress Olivia Wilde appears in the latest moving film by Saatchi & Saatchi for CoorDown, Italy’s national organization for people with Down Syndrome.

In this film, Wilde plays AnnaRose as she sees herself — an ordinary girl, out with her family, laughing, crying, running and dancing. It’s only at the end we see the real Anna Rose, and she asks “How do you see me?”

The spot, directed by Reed Morano at Pulse Films, highlights World Down Syndrome Day on March 21. It aims to start a conversation around how those living with Down Syndrome see themselves and how they can be disadvantaged when people pre-judge them based on their condition.

The message is important, especially for the ‘tolerant’ pro-aborts who see those with Down Syndrome as people who can be discarded as babies. Global groups such as CoorsDown have been unleashing a lot of good videos lately in attempt to get the ‘compassionate’ left (even if they don’t admit that that’s their target) to take a different look at this group of people, even though they might be different from themselves…to coexist with them, if you will.

CoorsDown also is thegroup who made the PSA that was subsequently banned from being broadcast in France because it stigmatized the choice of abortion and might have hurt the feelings of some women. How dare they humanize…humans. That video below:

St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. JPII, St. John Bosco, and St. Michael the Archangel, protect and defend the most vulnerable among us. ☩


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