Pop Culture #FakeNews: Avoid Cancer with The Pill and Increase Life Quality by Postponing Kids

It’s no secret that mainstream popular culture has been administering an full court press of ideology in a (successful) effort to lead those with malleable opinions to assume contraception and waiting as long as possible to start a family are good things. Good Morning America reminded us of this today when the entire panel was excited to hear the breaking, “must hear” news that The Pill may slightly reduce some forms of cancer. At the end of the segment they of course mentioned that The Pill is also is known for increasing the odds of other types of cancer such as breast and cervical along with an increased risk of forming a blood clot. They didn’t mention the widespread medical knowledge of the mental health side effects such as depression.

Image result for millennial couple hipsters
This is what every millennial couple waiting to have kids looks like.

Hours later the following story pops up online from Woman’s Day magazine:

New Study Reveals the Surprising Benefits of Having a Child Later in Life

Here’s some evidence to counter all that chatter about your “biological clock:” Children born to older mothers thrive better in life…

…women who had kids later than the average age of 31 were less likely to scold or physically discipline their kids. Overall, their more mature and less emotional approach to parenting created children that were better behaved, well-socialized, and emotionally healthier in their pre-teen years.

Why do older moms have healthier and more educated kids? The researchers point to an overall improvement in society over the years, with better access to healthcare and education in the Western world. So the longer you wait to have a baby, the higher the chances life will be better for your little tot…

…the benefits of waiting to have children are either equal to or maybe even outweigh the potential negative effects, like an increased risk for Down Syndromeand a potentially higher risk for diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and Alzheimer’s later in life. Of course it’s harder for moms to get pregnant at all as they age

What a stupid article. What poor reasoning. First off, of course parents, on average, will take a more mature approach to parenting when they are…more mature. Parents in their 20s, though, have been raising children for millennia with fine, even better, results than modern middle-aged parents. Maybe the problem is the current culture forming young people to take marriage and parenting with such frivolity. Also, the idea of waiting 10 more years to have a kid because society might be fractionally better (according only to calculated economic reasoning and microscopic statistical health differences) is hilarious. As if a 40-year old has a worse life is any noticeable way compared to a 30-year old–what an excuse for an anti-family mindset.

It’s amusing how they bury the downside of having children later in life at the bottom of the article, especially the fact that you’re less likely to have children later in life–a fact regularly covered up by the progressive forces of pop culture and a point Charles Krauthammer eloquently points out in his essay Missed Motherhood. Did Woman’s Day ever consider that some women might want their children to have siblings and this is much less likely when you have your first child in your late 30’s. Did they take into account that some women want to be active grandmothers one day and this opportunity is highly diminished by generations having children later and later. Do they take fun, joy, love, happiness, and general family culture into account when calculating the quality of the life of the children born to older parents vs younger parents? No. The same news sources which report on levels of happiness among countries (recently reported that America has fallen to 14th) seem to not take happiness into account when discussing their wise family planning techniques (read: family suppressing).

I have a feeling the married couple joyfully welcoming eight children into their home, even if they might not have as much disposable cash to spend on fun devices or trips, has a much richer and joyful family life than the spouses who purposely squeeze out one child after 40 after spending most of their relationship focusing on everything other than family. Our culture needs a radical restructuring of priorities. Enter: Catholic Renaissance 2.0™. ☩

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