24 Hours Without an iPhone

Yesterday morning my iPhone stopped working. I was still using my 5S from 2013, trying to eek out a few more months until I could upgrade to the 8 which is supposed to be completely different from recent models.


With being at work yesterday and having things scheduled afterwards, I had no time to try to switch my cellular service over to my old 4S (from 2011!).

At first it felt odd wondering not having the ability to text or get emails immediately. But as the day went on it became an afterthought. I went to the local park in the evening for a softball game with my family. The thought of checking my phone never struck once and I made the comment how “this is like the 90s! I won’t know what’s going on until I get back home!”. It felt great not being tethered to it.

Today I have an appointment at Apple’s Genius Bar to see if my 5S is easily salvageable. If it’s not, while I’ll probably end up using the 4S, I gotta say, the idea of reverting to a “dumb phone” that flips open seems very attractive. Well…at least until the iPhone 8 comes out. Then I’ll reassess my desire for one. ☩


6 thoughts on “24 Hours Without an iPhone

  1. I can resonate with this article. I consider Android a hobby of mine, and recently my Nexus 5x met its end (actually, the second one to meet its end, thanks to a known hardware issue with that phone). In any case, I had 36 hours with no phone, and it felt FANTASTIC.

    I’ve been on a tear, since the beginning of Lent, to simplify my life, lessen media consumption, watch less TV, read more and enjoy time more with family/friends, in nature, and the like. I often fall short in the area of checking my smartphone. I justify this far too often by saying that the media I’m consuming on my phone is “good” (read: Catholic podcasts, Catholicism and Christianity reddit, Universalis app for Liturgy of the Hours, etc.), but there’s plenty of goofing off in there, too.

    Now I’ve got the new Galaxy S8 and have been enjoying the first week “honeymoon” phase with the phone, but your post may snap me back into reality. Maybe “phone free Fridays” will be a weekly sacrifice I commit to in the future.




    • Thanks for commenting. The Friday idea is actually a pretty great thought. I ended up switching back to my old 4S which is doing the trick (albeit annoying to use, which makes me use it less) so we’ll see how long this lasts!

      Speaking of Universalis, are those the same translations that the Laudate app uses for LoTH? Also, do you know of a similar translation available in physical books? Having a hard time putting all this together. Thanks!


      • The two options for translations on the Universalis app are New American Bible and Jerusalem Bible/Grail (for the Psalms). I believe the Laudate app links to the Universalis web page, which is the NAB translation only unless you get the paid version of the app. I believe that’s an $11.99 one time purchase.

        As for a physical version of the same translation, I’m not sure. I’m a book nerd and am constantly buying used Catholic and apologetic literature from Amazon when I can find books in the $2-7 range, but one thing I have not invested in is my own hard copy of the Breviary. I’m not yet committed enough to praying the LOTH daily to warrant it, and that app has made it so convenient whether on phone or tablet when I have the time to dedicate to a morning, evening or night prayer.

        I haven’t done much research on the available translations for the Breviary in English, but you may have prompted me to do so. :)


      • Okay, I ask because I like the version on Laudate (which I think uses Universalis). It was my understanding that Breviaries have different “translations” and was wondering if any physical copies were similar to that. From the few I have seen, though, they are indeed expensive unfortunately. Let me know if you find anything!


  2. Yes! The home bar thing, or whatever one calls it, on mine recently just stopped working, so I went back to my old one, which does actually have email and stuff, but it’s such a pain to use it (oh, how everything is relative! If I had thought twenty years ago that the phone that is now ‘a pain’ was even possible, I would have been sooo geeked to have it!) that I don’t really any more ;] Who knows when the next one will arrive, yay foreign shipping :D

    Anyway, anyway. Phone-deprivation solidarity! ;]


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