Reading Mere Christianity Again

So I’ve finally convinced a loved one to crack open C.S. Lewis’ magnum opus, Mere Christianity (Deo gratias!). Well, not crack it open, but, rather, listen to it on Audible. Since we now have it available in audio form, I thought I’d dive in too, just because it had been years since I read it and it would make it easier to discuss with him.


I must say I am entirely moved by the text, it’s better than I remember it. I first read it as I embarked on my journey back to the Church. I was new to the concept of natural law or, really, any argument for Christianity which was intellectually stimulating or thoughtful. I don’t think I absorbed as much as I am now by going back through it. Lewis’s clear way of describing the ‘mere’ tenets of Christianity is astounding. He had such a gift for explaining difficult, immaterial concepts well…and humorously. Mere Christianity, I contend, is a text which should be read by every adult Christian, non-Christian, or atheist if for the mere reason to better know what they wish to argue against.

Anyhow, as I listen, I hear line after line which seems more quotable than the last. I especially liked the one saying that a huge problem is that most people have been explained a six-year old’s understanding of Christianity, so of course many people see Christianity as childish or needless (and that was in the 40’s/50’s!). ☩


One thought on “Reading Mere Christianity Again

  1. After reading excerpts of the book for the past 2-3 years, I’m finally jumping in on it now. The problem is, I simultaneously am reading the following: Mere Christianity, The Life of Christ (Bishop Fulton Sheen), St. Augustine’s Confessions, The Imitation of Christ (Thomas a Kempis), as well as daily Scripture and Catechism reading. Hoping to clear out the first 4 books there on an upcoming vacation. Enjoy your re-read!


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