Responsibilities of the Catholic Healthcare Worker

I share some information for anyone who may be in the healthcare field, anyone from a nursing assistant to surgeon. Healthcare workers may encounter situations which may put them at odds with the Faith…even at some “Catholic” hospitals now.

A healthcare worker in our family recently moved from an authentic Catholic hospital to a secular medical clinic. We wanted to be educated on just what the responsibilities of a Catholic employee is in this situation. We needed to know what should be avoided and how; we needed to know what constitutes as actual cooperation with various practices, mainly administering artificial contraception.

I share the following in case you or a loved one is in a similar situation. The website for The National Catholic Bioethics Center is a rich resource for this issue. The following is from their document on The Cooperation with Moral Evil in the context of the healthcare industry. It describes the degrees of cooperation with immoral practices–from formal to material:


Share this with anyone who might find this relevant. Remember, Catholics in the the workforce, especially the healthcare industry, can be the greatest force of good in a society. Be the face of Christ…especially when people are seeking medical care and are at their most vulnerable. Ut fructum! ☩


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