Jesuit-Run America Magazine Gets Reason Millennials Don’t Go to Mass Wrong…Followed By Comment Worth Noting

The Jesuit-run website America has an article titled Yes, millennials like brunch. But that’s not why they’re skipping Mass. The entire article entirely misses the point of why most Millennial Catholics don’t regularly assist at Mass, suggesting it is because the experience at Mass might not be the social experience they hope for among other eye-rolling reasons. The author also says it’s just plain “hard”.

The truth is, we do not go to Mass weekly because it is hard. Not hard in a “walk uphill both ways in the snow to fulfill our Christian duty” way. But hard in a “I don’t want to have to wrestle two preschoolers to sit still for an hour while I receive judgmental stares” way.

While a perfect attendance record may elude us, our twice-monthly attendance at Mass is practically pious by my generation’s standards…

Read the whole thing there. It’s ridiculous a website which claims to be Catholic would have an article about how hard it is to go to Mass regularly, while citing all wrong reasons for the dismal Millennial numbers. The real reason is because too many parishes are run by people/pastors whose thinking is exactly the same!

At any rate, the reason for the post is a comment at the bottom of the article. One person makes an accurate comment about the Sacrifice of the Mass and Millennials. Then, a shocking response from a misled person.



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