Avoiding ‘Just Going Through the Motions’ – Part Two: The Mass

This is the second part of a two-part series on finding joy by living a Catholic life and how to avoid ‘going through the motions’ in your spiritual life. It is important to read the introduction of the series HERE before moving onto the rest of this article (introduction ends before the ‘Daily Life’ section).

Since we discussed ways to bring Catholicism into daily life with joy and freshness, let’s discuss how we can really find meaning and importance in the Mass. We must approach the Mass with humility and gratitude. Mass is where we receive the life-giving manna that is Christ. It is partaking in the sacrifice of THE Lamb. It is a celebration of the marriage between Jesus and his Church. This is not a simple “church service”. “Mass”, taken from the final the phrase at the end of the Latin Mass, “Ite, Missa Est”, urges us to “go forth” with the mission of spreading the Gospel in our daily lives. “Ite, Missa Est” translated to English is what most of us are familiar with (for those of you that don’t leave immediately after Communion): The Mass is ended, go in peace. How can we go forth spreading the Gospel if we are joyless in our faith and only of doing the least amount possible (or less) to be considered a Catholic?

To properly participate in the Mass it requires we are in the proper mindset leading up to and during it. We must find the meaning in every prayer we speak, we must find humility, we must yearn to understand what we might not yet understand about the Mass.

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