[VIDEO] Tips on How to Diminish Vocations in Your Parish

Here are just a few examples of ways a parish can make sure they don’t generate any priestly vocations.

Firstly, it’s very important that you make sure there’s no apparent role or purpose for the man on the altar. He should appear to parishioners that he’s just an old softie in what looks to be a fancy bathrobe (of course, they should never be in formal vestments). We want to make sure that young men roll their eyes at the priests. Young men are drawn to priests that are purposeful. Remove the purpose from the priest and you remove the desire for anyone to want to become one.

St. Patrick's in Seattle
St. Patrick’s in Seattle Facebook page

Next, we want to smack the people in the pews with ridiculous dancing accompanied by songs that have no place in the liturgy. We want parishioners who aren’t sure what the purpose of Mass is to be even more confused. We want them to question why they are taking an hour out of their valuable weekend to watch fourth-rate dancers and musicians perform. We want people to think that the Mass is about the humans on the stage rather than about Christ’s sacrifice on the altar. If this doesn’t force parents out of Catholicism, it will at least make sure their children never come back as adults with their own families.

Here are a few videos from actual Catholic churches

Here are the now-viral videos from Holy Spirit Parish in Berkeley, California. Here the priest is front and center (with about a dozen girls dancing) showing off his barefoot skills. Does this kind of behavior encourage serious men to enter the seminary?

Easter Mass:

Easter Vigil:

If any of these videos or pictures reminds you of your parish…RUN!

St. Patrick’s in Seattle Facebook page
St. Patrick’s in Seattle Facebook page
St. Patrick’s in Seattle Facebook page

It is important to avoid Masses that resemble the pictures below at ALL COSTS otherwise young people might take the Mass seriously!





Ridiculous Photos of Liturgical Abuse

It seems appropriate to follow the last post with one highlighting extreme cases of liturgical abuse in the Novus Ordo Missae (New Order Mass). While the deterioration of beauty, honor, masculinity, and reverence were definitely not the intent of the changes put forth in the Second Vatican Council, it no doubt opened the floodgates to abuse within the Mass from progressive, relativist 1970’s priests. Without turning this into a full-blown blog post, I’ll get to the silly pictures. Now obviously most parishes (I assume) don’t have such blatant forms of liturgical abuse. But the watering-down of everything in the Holy Sacrifice of Mass leads to this kind of hippy-dippy nonsense (and an exodus from the Church, mind you).


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