Jesuit-Run America Magazine Gets Reason Millennials Don’t Go to Mass Wrong…Followed By Comment Worth Noting

The Jesuit-run website America has an article titled Yes, millennials like brunch. But that’s not why they’re skipping Mass. The entire article entirely misses the point of why most Millennial Catholics don’t regularly assist at Mass, suggesting it is because the experience at Mass might not be the social experience they hope for among other eye-rolling reasons. The author also says it’s just plain “hard”.

The truth is, we do not go to Mass weekly because it is hard. Not hard in a “walk uphill both ways in the snow to fulfill our Christian duty” way. But hard in a “I don’t want to have to wrestle two preschoolers to sit still for an hour while I receive judgmental stares” way.

While a perfect attendance record may elude us, our twice-monthly attendance at Mass is practically pious by my generation’s standards…

Read the whole thing there. It’s ridiculous a website which claims to be Catholic would have an article about how hard it is to go to Mass regularly, while citing all wrong reasons for the dismal Millennial numbers. The real reason is because too many parishes are run by people/pastors whose thinking is exactly the same!

At any rate, the reason for the post is a comment at the bottom of the article. One person makes an accurate comment about the Sacrifice of the Mass and Millennials. Then, a shocking response from a misled person.



Jesuit Superior General Praises Castro–What has Happened to the Order?

Image result for st ignatiusSt. Ignatious of Loyola was a Spanish soldier. But you wouldn’t believe it by the way his image has been softened by many modern-day Jesuits (see: Fr. James Martin, SJ) into a sort of Catholic community organizer. His Spiritual Exercises? Merely a therapeutic self-help book.

Started in 1540, the Jesuits were considered the Pope’s missionary soldiers. They endured tremendous, often violent, hardships across the globe as they spread the Gospel and converted entire countries. They heroically defended the Catholic Church from the perils of the Reformation. They set up some of the greatest universities on the planet. Their history is amazing.  What happened?

It’s no secret that the Jesuits, as a whole, are extremely leftist in their politics and progressive in their theology and have been since before V2. However, their views are now so extreme, they are flirting with straight up heresy. It has reached such high levels of the order that the scandal they are providing is truly devastating. In almost every statement by Jesuit officials, Catholics and non-Catholics rightfully wonder if they even like the Church and what it stands for.

Now we have a new Superior General of the order, Fr. Arturo Sosa, who recently came under fire for suggesting that the teachings of Christ are relative, exposed for having signed a letter praising Fidel Castro. That’s right, the Fidel Castro who all but eradicated Christianity from what was then extremely Catholic Cuba. The man who destroyed churches, took over Catholic schools, and murdered priests in order for atheistic Communism to better strangle his island citizens.

From the Catholic Herald:

Jesuit superior general Fr Arturo Sosa allegedly signed a letter praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in 1989.

Infovaticana says that ahead of the communist leader’s visit to Venezuela that year, nearly 1,000 “intellectuals and artists” sent him a “manifesto” welcoming him to their country.

The 810th name on the list of signatories is “Arturo Sosa, S.J.,” of the Centro Gumilla, of which he was director at the time.

The letter begins: “We… wish to publicly express our respect for what you, as the main leader of the Cuban Revolution, have achieved for the dignity of your people and therefore for all Latin America.”

It goes on to say that “only ideological blindness can deny the place the process you represent occupies in the history of the liberation of our peoples.”

The letter also describes Castro’s overthrow of the Batista government as an “exemplary victory over tyranny, corruption and servitude”

Does anyone take the Jesuits seriously anymore? Apparently not because, even while embarrassing themselves trying to be popular, their numbers are plummeting. Almost no serious Catholic men who are considering the priesthood are considering becoming a Jesuit. ☩