Abp. Listecki’s Message (and Humor) Following Near-Fatal Experience

The archbishop of Milwaukee, His Excellency Jerome Listecki, has just shared a story about a frightening allergic reaction he suffered the other day. In it he tells of his throat and face becoming completely swollen to the point where he could hardly talk to the operator on the other end of his 911 call and receiving the Sacrament of the Sick from Fr. Luke Strand.


Quoting from his story, his overall message, along with his humor, is indeed something everyone should reflect on more often.

…I apologize for missing my normal deadline [no pun intended] for the Tuesday LOA on August 8.

Last Sunday’s gospel was “be prepared,” because you know not the hour or the time of day. Monday was close to being my day. I realized how many things I did not have in order. But, thanks to the kindness of a good priest, I was oiled up in the sacrament, understanding that I might have been standing before Jesus…

How many of us have our houses in order for when our time comes? Thank God for the sacrament of confession and parishes who make it easy to frequent! ☩