Ven. Pope Pius XII Declaring the Dogma of Assumption in 1950

The Roman Catholic dogma of what is also known as the fourth Glorious Mystery was infallibly declared by Venerable Pope Pius XII in 1950. Sitting before 700-thousand Catholics in an overflowing St. Peter’s Square, Pius announced the dogma which declares that Mary, Mother of God, was assumed into Heaven–body and soul–to be close to her Son. Her being so close to Christ, King of Heaven and Earth, makes her intercession as the queen mother so powerful. As nearly all saints have proclaimed, the quickest way to Jesus is through Mary.

Anyway, watch the short, narrated, video below:


“When you follow Mary, you will not go astray”

Seeing the photo circulating of Cardinal Sarah, a man of burgeoning worldwide interest, praying the Rosary before the Ordinary Public Consistory for the recent creation of five Cardinals seems to have gone viral. Why? Perhaps because so many bishops today are seen as having lost interior devotion. Luckily not all are like this.

When I saw this photo of Robert Cardinal Sarah circulate on social media, I thought of St. Louis de Montfort’s devotional book The Secret of Mary which, I believe, echos St. Benedict:

When you follow Mary, you will not go astray; when you pray to her, you will not despair; when you think of her, you will not err; when she sustains you, you will not fall; when she protects you, you will not fear; when she leads you, you will not become tired; when she favors you, you will arrive safely.


Cardinal Sarah (and other holy cardinals) has a long journey ahead. We don’t know what the future brings but may he always go into this world of spiritual battle–now engulfing Rome–protected and strengthened by Our Lady.

Cardinal Sarah is a man known for his calmness, thoughtfulness, and his silenceyet he is wielding a most powerful weapon in his hands…a weapon most of his adversaries are likely ignoring as it gathers dust on a shelf. ☩

Eric Clapton & Pavarotti Blow Down Doors for Mary

‘Christian Rock’ is a genre of music I typically avoid. Aside from the term alone having a strong stench of cheesy American protestantism, the music typically flat out sucks. As a true lover of all kinds of music, especially rock, I typically state that ‘Christian rock’ doesn’t make Christianity better, it makes rock worse.

However, when authentic Christian themes are built into fantastic instrumentals, led by extremely talented musicians (let alone a guitar god), the results can be stunning on both the musical and spiritual level.

Dr. Taylor Marshall posted today on Eric Clapton and The Princess Bride. He included a video of a live performance of Clapton’s Marian ballad “Holy Mother”. Sitting in was opera legend Luciano Pavarotti. The combination of Clapton’s confident swagger on guitar with Pavarotti’s powerful vocals isn’t to be missed. As the song leaves the typically composed lyrical section, Clapton takes the lead by lacing the vocal refrain of Pavarotti with some stunning guitar work. Check it out:

Another great song to check out is “Presence of the Lord” with Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood (not to mention Derrick Trucks, a personal favorite). Halfway through the song, the composition changes tempo from a slower ballad to a heavy blues-rock jam, with Clapton laying on the wah pedal, highlighting his darting leads before mellowing back into its ballad format. What a great way to start the week, enjoy!

Praying With Your Spouse

How many of you enjoy being with your spouse? I know I cherish the moments I can do anything from the extravagant to the mundane with my wife. There’s something that can be said for just being in the same physical proximity to your spouse when you’re doing a task. Maybe we want a partner at the grocery store for no reason. Maybe we want someone to talk to when we’re cooking in the kitchen. Maybe it’s that our connected souls, joined through marriage, enjoy it when our bodies are close too.

What about when the two souls want more than just physical closeness (as described above) or intimacy (you know what I’m talking about **winks**)? What about spiritual closeness? We all know it’s good to pray for your spouse. But how many of you pray with your spouse?

“Family prayer has its own characteristic qualities. It is prayer offered in common, husband and wife together, parents and children together. Communion in prayer is both a consequence of and a requirement for the communion bestowed by the sacraments of Baptism and Matrimony.”

-Pope Saint John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio

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