Fun Photo: VP Pence Surrounded by Catholicism

Here’s a photo of Vice President Mike Pence speaking for life alongside Our Lady holding a Rosary and a Brown Scapular and under the Vatican flag. Via LifeSite:


President Trump stands with “the unborn” and alongside Catholics fighting for their religious freedom, Vice President Pence told the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday morning.

“This honestly feels like coming home. … The hymns and liturgies of the Catholic Church are the anthems of my youth.”

Let’s hope and pray the VP one day returns home to Rome! ☩


Quick Thoughts on Last Night’s VP Debate

Not knowing a heck of a lot about Tim Kaine, I had assumed from sound bites and photos that he was a good-spirited, nice guy. Similar to Joe Biden. After his appalling display last night, it is apparent that is is a mean, rude, opportunistic snake. Looking at his snarky facial expressions between his frequent eruptions of juvenile interruptions showed a man, literally, willing to do anything (including losing his soul) to help his master get into office.

Pence shows Kaine the hand he’s about to slap him with.

In stark contrast sat Pence who remained calm, stately, kind, cordial, steady, and adult. Despite having the unfortunate task of defending Trump (ouch), he was cool and focused. He looked classically presidential, the complete opposite of Kaine who reminds one of a troll or problem child.

Catholics should be ashamed of Tim Kaine’s performance for a series of reasons. He again tried to explain how he can be “personally opposed” to an inherent evil while working to spread that evil to the best of his capacity. He literally attacked Pence for being a principled pro-life politician by viciously asking “why don’t you trust women to make that choice?”–implying, again, that there is not another life involved in the matter.

Is it just me or does everyone think to themselves “of course he is” when he frequently touts “I am educated by Jesuits!” Hah!