“Little Girl Divorce Video” is Viral…and Sad

There’s a new viral video out there and it’s being called “Little Girl Divorce Video” (video at the bottom). The clip shows an admittedly adorable six-year old girl begging her civilly divorced mom and dad to get along and “just be friends”. The matter-of-fact and wise-beyond-her-age way this little girls speaks while sitting on the stairs has everyone saying “awww, that’s so cute”.

The video is definitely cute on the surface, but once you imagine her despair, it’s hard to overcome a sense of sorrow for her and children like her. Having a child outside of a sacramental marriage or breaking the family apart through separation of spouses violently goes against Natural Law. And, similar to the laws of physics that guide our physical world, since we cannot “break” the Natural Law that guides the immaterial world, we just end up breaking ourselves and those around us against the laws. That is why we refer to the “brokenness” of situations like these. This viral video shows the damage done to innocent bystanders that surround people who think their choices will only affect themselves, and reminds us how unfortunately common this is becoming in our society..

Perhaps I am overthinking this video, but I’d submit that we need to stop normalizing the destruction of family at every turn. I would love to see a video go viral with glamorizing a faithful marriage and a happy family life.

The Holy Family
The Holy Family

Let’s pray that the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph of the Holy Family intercede for not only this little girl but all children who experience the despair caused by divorce in their life.

Let’s ask for the prayers of St. JPII, that children of divorce or other disordered family situations are able to discover what a healthy, fruitful, loving, and sacramental marriage really is so they don’t just become another statistic that shows children of divorce are more likely to repeat the sins of the past.

Let’s invoke St. Michael the Archangel to defend us in battle against evil forces that constantly seek to undermine, weaken, and destroy the family which is created in the image of the triune God.